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#47 - What a Week

Episode Summary

Hosts Gibran Maciel🔥 & Scott Lay🔥 break down the top political headlines in California politics and policy. Interested in becoming a sponsor or coming on the show? Send either of us a message:,

Episode Notes

Hosts Gibran Maciel & Scott Lay go over the top news headlines in California politics and policy today.


2:30 - The Kings this year

6:30 - Oakland Unified comes to a tentative agreement over the weekend

9:17 - Teacher compensation - steps & columns 

11:08 - Charter schools, SB 126, and more bills to come

17:27 - From a labor perspective, all teachers are equal, but they are not equal in the esteem of their peers and their students. 

18:06 - Floods, the Russian River, exacerbating the housing crisis and Governor Newsom’s emergency proclamation 

21:15 - The political implications of wildfire & flooding displacement (Census) 

22:00 - The sites reservoir fight is about cash 

23:30 - Special district bureaucrats looking after themselves

26:30 - PG&E admits that their line probably started the camp fire & the write-down’s

28:46 - City of San Francisco looking to dump PG&E and create a publicly owned utility district, but management and labor are opposed

29:37 - San Diego Mayor Faulconer given the authority to start negotiating with surrounding cities for direct-purchase agreements

32:17 - The California Democratic Party picks up 360k right before San Diego considers community choice aggregation and Aliso-Canyon 

36:00 - Scott’s dismay at the media for not putting the dots together on following the cash in CA politics

37:02 - The Democratic Party has a fundraising advantage over the Republican Party because donors have more trust that the CDP will act in a transactional nature. 

39:08 - Bargaining unit 7 the California State Law Enforcement Association (park rangers, fish & game, etc.) seeks a new contract

42:55 - Davita Dialysis drops 200k to the CA Democratic Party, Prop 8 & the dialysis / labor issue in the legislature today

48:13 - Adam Gray’s ballot measure committee fails to spend money on the water bond, even though it narrowly failed and his backing could have helped…

50:13 - Davita’s 200k to CDP is an olive branch, potentially seeking an agreement

54:06 - SB 562 and the Nurses Union 

55:20 - Governor Newsom Appointments 

56:30 - Dynamex