SacTown Talks

#54 - What a Week

Episode Summary

Hosts Gibran Maciel and Scott Lay break down the top political headlines in California politics and policy. Interested in becoming a sponsor or coming on the show? Send either of us a message:,

Episode Notes

INTRO - Show overview and banter
7:56 - AB 392 x SB 230 (Police use of force bills)

15:20 - Joe Biden in the doghouse for creeping women out
22:14 - Kevin Kiley in the doghouse, AB 221, teach for America, and more

32:08 - Kiley X Dahle, runoff for Senate District 1

34:07 - Matthew Harper was the last occupant of the Doghouse, and previous occupants
35:30 - AG Becerra’s injunction on gun magazine limits & prop 63

37:40 - Mitch McConnel pushes through judicial appointees 

38:44 - Gibran responds to some spicy fan mail
44:03 - Horse deaths at Santa Anita 

46:15 - California has added South Carolina to the list of prohibited states for State-reimbursed travel
51:27 - Governor Newsom in El Salvador
59:57 - California’s own flint: 1 million people without drinkable water

1:03:22 - Peak renewables
1:06:30 - Governor Newsom’s water tax 

1:14:00 - Democratic 2020 candidates fundraising totals, swag, and Bernie going all the way to the convention