SacTown Talks

#57 - What a Week

Episode Summary

Hosts Gibran Maciel and Scott Lay break down the top political headlines in California politics and policy. Interested in becoming a sponsor or coming on the show? Send either of us a message:,

Episode Notes



0:40 - The Nooner’s Classified ads

3:00 - California Love
4:14 - The podcast format
11:54 - The legislative money game and why Nancy Pelosi is not supposed to hold on to that much cash

15:24 - Why is AOC on TV and not Steny Hoyer?

18:13 - Burglary at Allspicery, crime and homelessness in downtown Sacramento

26:00 - Gavin Newsom’s first 100 days
32:31 - Newsom X Death Penalty

36:33 - Democratic members and staff criticizing Newsom’s trip to El Salvador

43:00 - Senator Weiner’s SB 50 & the Aids Healthcare Foundation’s mailer

49:19 - Is everybody in the affordable housing arena kind of shady?
1:01:03 - Seven new dems elected to republican seats in 18’ are killing the fundraising game.
1:02:00 - Devin Nunes X Twitter

1:07:40 - Omar Navarro gives himself a raise

1:10:00 - Duncan Hunter fake crosses the border

1:14:12 - What does Adam Schiff’s $5 million on hand mean?
1:18:18 - Democrats X Mueller

Wrapping up…