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Best of 2019

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The best of SacTown Talks from 2019.

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The best of SacTown Talks from 2019.


#77 - Governor Newsom Strains Relations in the Capitol over the SB 276, Dr. Pans Bill regarding Vaccines 

#53 - Paul Mitchell realizes that the Citizens redistricting Commission that was set up to avoid political outcomes can be lobbied just like any other entity

#84 - What a Week - Scott and Gibran break down the hijinks on the ballot language regarding split roll

#71 - Lieutenant Governor Eleni Kounalakis Speaks  from experience about California’s housing crisis

#72 - What a Week - Gibran predicts the future regarding Jeffrey Epstein’s “suicide”

#68 - Racial identity & running for office with Asm. Kevin McCarty

#74 - What a Week - The rules are for the people without power

#83 - Chris Micheli - Chair’s peregotive

#76 - What a Week - Guns & social decline

#78 - What a Week - Antivaxxer end of Session Disruptions