SacTown Talks

#55 - Jim Wood

Episode Summary

Jim Wood is the Assemblymember for California’s second district, which encompasses California’s Northern coast from Santa Rosa to the Oregon border. A dentist by training, we discuss Wood’s road to elected office, wildfire recovery (and its impact on utilities), and we discuss his role as the chair of the Assembly Committee on health.

Episode Notes

6:29 - Talking about the 2nd Assembly District 

13:00 - Communities of interest 

15:49 - Hey, you ought to run for City Council
16:19 - Wes Chesbro
23:00- Chairing the Assembly Health Committee
29:19 - Jim remembers his upbringing 

33:27 - SB 901, wildfires, disaster recovery, climate change and more 

39:52 - The Speaker called me in and said this could be a blessing or a curse 

41:00 - A lot of constituents are pissed off, and feel taken advantage of 

42:38 - The Dahle-Wood plan
44:00 - Trying to get fire prevention $$$ from the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund 

50:29 - Does over-regulation an environmental review make it difficult to prepare for fires?
54:00 - The dialysis bill 

56:06 - The American Kidney fund’s hat-trick to get higher rates out of medicare patients
Wrapping up